The Alt-Right Movement




  1. Orla Barry

    Hi, Orla, producer with the BBC World Service here. I’m looking to make contact with you regarding alt right and a programme on the BBC today. Do you have an email or tel. no. you could send to me. You can catch me on orla.barry@bbc.co.uk. Thanks, Orla


    • Angry Anglo

      Colony is you decide to deal with sleazebag communist pedophiles at the BBC they will chop twist and edit every single word you say. Get a list of approved questions in advance. Only agree to speak with them if they sign a legal contract that forces them to air unedited responses. Contact an attorney and get everything in writing. These communist BBC shits are the absolute scum of the earth. In fact, the person who left the comment above is likely a child-diddler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_sexual_abuse_cases


      • Angry Anglo

        Also, after re-reading your post and the flurry of comments, I just want to tell you not to get too hung up on your family lineage. It’s about ideology and the practice of it in the real world that will make a difference. There are scores of “pure” German and English degenerate scumbag antifa’s running around out there that are far more damaging to that for which we strive for. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over something that’s completely out of your control. I don’t speak for anyone other than myself, of course. Just my .02 cents. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck to you in your future endeavors. Hope to see you at NPI next year.

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  2. Christian Anderle

    Now that’s a positive surprise, for a change.

    Anti-Semitism (beyond America nowadays more often referred to as ‘anti-Americanism’ or ‘anti-Zionism’), as exemplarily expressed by Richard Wagner or Charles Lindbergh, has never been about everyone of Jewish descent (or it would be called ‘Jew hatred,’ which is a much older, albeit not entirely unrelated idea). But no, anti-Semites invented the term ‘anti-Semitism’ with pride! Unlike ‘racism,’ the term has not been coined with the intent to denounce others. (Other than Philo-Semites, I guess.)

    Traditionally, anti-Semitism opposes the (deglamorized) Oriental mindset of Asia Minor to the benefit of (idealized) European (or, in general, non-Semitic) values; it emphasizes the agonistic struggle against the rootless cosmopolitan, the abusive cruel tyrant and totalitarian, the hypocritical Pharisee, the miserly haggling and penny-pitching chandler, the rapacious shylock and bankster; the lying collaborating scribbler, the decadent and hedonistic patrician, the soulless and misguided materialist; the Talmudist supremacist, the Qabbalist new-ager, the Luciferian Mason; and all your other favorite enemies; all shallow, detached, defiling, superficial, life-sucking and nothing-returning; the children of the Baphomet; exemplified in Ahasverus, eternally wandering, rootless and cursed.

    From Leonidas vs. Xerxes over ‘Europe vs. UK/US/USSR’ (a. k. a. WW2) to Irving vs. Lipstadt, the conflict can be meaningful.

    But anti-Semitism can be as trivial as the criticism of Hollywood’s transformation from ‘Little House on the Prairie ‘ to ‘Two and a Half Men.’

    Professor Kevin MacDonald has even a list.

    Important is just that you choose the right side. Freedom, reason, justice. Truth, greatness, beauty. There is a small Gilad Atzmon in all of us.

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