A New Ideological Landscape

In the wake of the massive shift in politics that was the rise of Nationalism, new frameworks through which to view the American political landscape seem necessary.

Ironically, the ADL just released it’s Alt-Right vs. Alt-Lite article as I was writing this. Like everything from the ADL and their ilk, it’s inaccurate, so hopefully this will provide a better picture for sympathetic eyes. This list is entirely intuitive, based solely on my opinion after about five years of observing politics from the right. It is written primarily for those sympathetic to White interests, and is intended to combat disinformation from the Left and most importantly, the Alt-Lite.


A Meta-Group engages in the collective pursuit of interests that run deeper than ideology. Meta-Group designations have been given to ideologies below upon which the Meta-Group exerts significant influence, though this does not necessarily imply total domination. Usually the Meta-Group manipulates policy to its benefit, or is the driving force behind policies. Feminism has been included because the promotion of female-empowerment has had a radical effect on policy regarding subjects such as immigration, multiculturalism, and even economics.

Identitarians (ID): Either minorities attacking white interests, or whites attacking their own interests on minorities’ behalf.

Zionists (ZIO): Jews and non-Jews who actively pursue Jewish interests on behalf of Israel and the Diaspora, almost exclusively to the detriment of White interests.

Alt-Right (AR): Whites explicitly pursuing their own racial interests.

Feminism (F): Men and women alike who support empowerment of females in private and public life to rectify perceived injustices, past and present.

Disputed (DIS): The group itself is a significant battleground, either between identity meta-groups, or resistance to meta-group influence.


A note on Nihilism:
I debated whether or not to include this group, but in the end I realized they might be the largest group of all. They represent Americans who do not meaningfully subscribe to political ideologies or philosophies. Some common reasons are poor education, selfishness, exhaustion, and genuine nihilism resulting from total disillusionment with the modern world.



Pop musicians occasionally repeat muddled liberal platitudes in order to maintain relevance.

Prominent Examples: This group includes the least intellectual members of the entertainment industry, and some hedonistic elites. They usually refrain from constant political commentary, but will repeat the socially acceptable liberal talking-points when asked or occasionally when seeking approval. They also serve as a pool to be drawn upon for radicalization. For example, a pop-star could radicalize out of pressure from groups like BLM.

Hoi Polloi: Outside of the wealthiest circles, this non-ideology describes a significant portion of middle to upper class millennials and gen-x’ers. They are pleasure seekers, the kinds you will see at any American music festival, wearing flower-crowns, telling the rest of the world they “just need to get along”. Surely, if everyone could afford to buy a lifetime supply ecstasy tablets with daddy’s money, tolerance would come as easily to the rest of us. This also includes a lot of white collar wage slaves who kill time with alcohol and sports, and support leftist causes for social reasons/survival, and Blacks in the ghetto who aren’t politically engaged enough to even be considered Neoliberal.

Demographics: White and Black.

Growth Potential: Maintaining

Media Sample: MTV, VICE

Threat to White Interests: High, they serve as conduits of anti-white and degenerate messaging. Support mass immigration.



Genres like Vaporwave embody the accelerated deconstruction of identity, culture, and purpose beyond consumption. Even the cultural wastelands of the 80s and 90s are viewed nostalgically.

Prominent Examples: I had difficulty finding a well-known example of this group that readers outside of the millennial and z generations would know, as it is a recently emerging phenomenon. They are children of hyper-globalism, disaffected with modern life who express themselves in highly-stylized, post-modern art forms. For this reason their art has occasionally been appropriated and adapted by the Alt-Right and far left, both ironically and seriously.

Hoi Polloi: This group would best describe people who actively reject all conventional ideologies and political identity. This includes a large share of generation Z, who have found the traditional definitions of right and left to ring hollow. They are at extreme risk for hard drug abuse, suicide, and anti-social behavior due to alienation, poor prospects, and a fragmentation of identity. Despite all of this, they are accessible for recruitment by the Alt-Right via offerings of a purpose couched in aesthetics and irony that naturally appeal to them. Some of them are  also apolitical trolls who employ Alt-Right artillery from time to time, there is significant overlap.

Demographics: Difficult to tell.

Growth Potential: High

Media Sample: N/A

Threat to White Interests: Little to none. Breeds complacency.



Boomer comedians like Bill Burr are often accused of wrong-think for railing against leftist progress.

Prominent Examples: Many comedians and personalities, such as Anthony Cumia, fall into this category. They are generally apolitical white American males, from late gen-X to boomers. Leftist and globalist policies frustrate and annoy them on a visceral, instinctual level, thus they serve merely as critics and provide no solutions nor serious analysis. This obviously isn’t a fault for entertainers, and their frequent run-ins with PC-police enlist them as rallying points for the right, and sometimes even as martyrs. When pushed far enough they will speak out more honestly than anyone else at their level of fame.

Hoi Polloi: As mentioned above, this group could be used to describe many boomer and late gen-X’er white males just trying to get by in an increasingly hostile culture. They’re typically middle-class guys who don’t like HR telling them what to do, will be honest about race in private, and have a natural aversion to deviancy. Most feel an intense nostalgia for the tail-end of American sanity and prosperity they came of age in. Depending on religious background, class, and region they will have varying opinions on economics and policy, and can often be defined as single-issue voters. They are susceptible to getting lost in the world of conspiracy in an attempt to explain the dramatic shifts in culture experienced in their lifetimes. In the end I only classify them as nihilists because these shifts and accompanying censorship have exhausted them. This designation could also describe young nihilists drifting to the right.

Demographics: Overwhelmingly White with some middle-class, older minorities. High male over-representation.

Growth Potential: Declining

Media Sample: Compound Media, Joe Rogan Show

Threat to White Interests: None, fair-weather allies. Breeds complacency.




download (3)

Anarchists, An-Coms, Antifa, and Communists serve as shocktroops for the Radical Elite and Neoliberals.

Prominent Examples:  This designation specifically refers to the foot-soldiers of the elite radicals (covered below). None are prominent, though Antifa is a well-known manifestation.

Hoi Polloi: In the 90s and early 2000s this group was more ideologically defined, taking their cues from radical elites like Noam Chomsky. They were a relatively fringe element, usually only found at anti-war demonstrations, once a year protesting capitalism at the G20, or exploiting random flash-points over police-brutality and race. Things got messy and a lot bigger as the Nationalist Right became prominent in recent years, and leftist radicals suddenly found themselves aligned with Neoliberals on issues of borders and multiculturalism. Now that radical Leftist politics have become acceptable in polite society, their ranks have swelled.

Though many claim they are fighting for the marginalized, the borderless world they seek will only serve to further empower those exploiting workers while capitalism remains intact. Obviously, working to abolish borders with the most powerful forces on  earth is an easier prospect than dismantling those forces, thus anti-capitalism and anti-statism have taken a back seat to immigration and issues of social justice. White members either believe in a global multicultural utopia, or they accept arguments of white-replacement and believe they deserve extinction. There is reasonable speculation that elite internationalists are funding factions of this group. Some SJWs hold the extreme beliefs required to belong to this group.

Demographics: Majority white, but growing minority presence.

Growth Potential: High

Media Sample: It’s Going Down, Anarchist Subreddits

Threat to White Interests: Moderate, threatening on a physical level, cause censorship, enforce will of the elite, but bad optics for the left. Distracts allies. Support mass immigration.



Many successful academics like Slavoj Zizek preach potent far-left ideologies that inherently require violent actualization.

Prominent Examples: Perhaps the most notable of this class are authors like Noam Chomsky, the filmmaker Michael Moore, and the politician Jeremy Corbin in Eruope. They have been called champagne socialists, ivory-tower radicals, etc. but the main characteristic is a dissociation between ideology and lifestyle. Ironically they most closely resemble genuine Communists, as the party-elite mixed with international high society and enjoyed unchecked privilege under the Soviet regime. Most left wing celebrities oscillate between this group and Neoliberalism depending on what is in fashion and their current mood. Calls for radical violence against the state and political opponents have become common place in the Trump era, so there is significant overlap in high-society. Important figures will sometimes criticize Neoliberals for their economic policies in order to remain relevant, but the alliance stands. The STEM branch of this group focuses on producing information to validate Neoliberal policy on climate change.

Hoi Polloi: Almost entirely controlled by Boomers, now passing the torch to Millennials, this group includes radicals from all over the upper-middle-class, but perhaps most important are the professors. A powerful alliance is formed with this group supplying ideology to Neoliberal apparatuses in government and the corporate world, who in turn reciprocate with funding and legitimacy. They also have a symbiotic relationship with their Radical followers, to whom they disseminate their ideas, which Radicals enforce through lateral censorship and violence/the threat of violence. This is where the majority of cutting-edge SJW causes, such as gender and race theory, are manufactured.

Demographics: Whites. Token minorities. High Jewish over-representation.

Growth Potential: Maintaining

Media Sample: (relevant articles) New York Times, HuffPost, The Nation, Mother Jones

Threat to White Interests: High, manufacture anti-White narratives, influence over education of Whites, influence over powerful figures. Support mass immigration.



Neo-liberals have recently absorbed or overtaken the neocons to become to most powerful group in the Western world.

Prominent Examples: Almost every liberal American politician falls into this category, as lesser subsets of Democrats have been assimilated. For them, social issues are a means to an end, thus they are as culturally liberal as their constituencies will allow. They are internationalist in the extreme, supporting open-borders, barely-restricted free-trade, and are hawkish on Israel, Russia, and war in general. The most egregious war crimes, such as funding terrorists and regime change, are their geopolitical bread and butter. They allow Leftist Radicals to operate unchecked, and even bring them to the table. They are using immigration to manipulate demographics for the sake of votes for themselves and cheap labor for their donors and elite supporters. What has been termed the Deepstate consists of Neoliberal appointees and employees from the pre-Trump era. Much of the chattering classes, journalists, and less radical academics, often seeking status or moral superiority, fall into this category.

Hoi Polloi: These individuals make up the vast majority of the left’s base. They are made up of all generations, majority female, and Whites are usually middle to upper-class. Due to their lack of interest in issues outside of social-welfare and social justice, many minorities could be considered Neoliberals. The drones of the managerial state such as government employees, are almost without exception, Neoliberal.  Most SJWs could be considered Neoliberal for their lack of concern for economics and silence on the left’s new hawkish stances.

Demographics: White, minority over-representation. Female over-representation.

Growth Potential: High, count most immigrants as Neoliberals

Media Sample: CNN, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Mic, most mainstream outlets.

Threat to White Interests: The most powerful, and arguably greatest threat of all. Support mass immigration.



Despite recent unseating as leaders of the conservative movement by Trump, Neocons retain significant power.

Prominent Examples: Everyone who lived through the Bush-era knows this group and understands their destructiveness as a political class. They are often socially conservative, preying on single-issue voters, anti-social welfare, hawkish, and soft on illegal immigration. Recently they have even begun to cave on social issues, going so far as counting homosexuals among their ranks. The only “conservative” goals they seem to retain now are gutting social programs and protecting Israel. Many wealthy donors and elites switched sides to the Neoliberals as the tide shifted with Obama, but some remain, mostly those with a strong interest in Israel. The movement itself originates as a group of liberal Jewish intellectuals who broke with the left. It could be argued that their main purpose has been as insurance against a possible wholesale liberal abandonment of Israel in the future.

Hoi Polloi: Not many everyday Americans are actual Neo-conservatives anymore, conservative Whites merely accepted them as the only alternative to a more vocally hostile Left. The meteoric rise of Trump, his total defiance of the polls, was proof the Silent Majority was just waiting to throw them off for a better alternative. This group really only exist as an elite class of politicians, journalists, and influencers, with a few true-believers in the public hanging on. I’d imagine a number of high-ranking military personnel might define themselves as Neocons.

Demographics: White with very high Jewish over-representation and almost exclusively elites.

Growth Potential: Declining

Media Sample: National Review, Wall Street Journal, Front Page, heavy influence in conservative mainstream

Threat to White Interests: High, influence is waning but still could initiate anti-Trump coup. Consistently push for war. Aggressively pursuing Jewish interests. Support mass immigration.



Principlists believe the (often disputed) tenets laid out at America’s founding should guide all policy decisions.

Prominent Examples: Aside from Neocons, this group represents the majority of Republican politicians, e.g. Rand Paul. They are the old guard of conservatism who haven’t evolved into Nationalists and either actively oppose Trump, or grudgingly go along with him rather than collaborating with Neoliberals. They preach small government, low taxes, unrestricted free-trade, and most importantly, still support large scale immigration. Some go so far as to support amnesty for illegals, often citing the false narrative of America’s founding as a nation of immigrants. Most acknowledge the Muslim threat, but believe all immigrants, upon witnessing the majesty of American principles, will be inculcated with WASP values. Geopolitical stances vary, with some being more hawkish than others, while the majority oppose increasing security culture at the expense of civil liberties.

Hoi Polloi: Unlike Neocons, this group is still well represented among the masses. Post-Reagan and pre-Trump, they existed as little more than a heel for liberals, and fodder for the Neocons. It is composed of a coalition constitutionalists, libertarians (pre-nationalist), Reaganites, and some “Classical Liberals”. Predominantly Boomer, they believe the successful America they grew up in was the direct result of principles laid out in its founding, and not cultural or ethnic in origin. Most are members of cucked Christian churches that are only conservative on a handful of social issues, even Evangelicals could be described as such. Military and vets are drawn to this ideology out of a desire for their service to have meaning, but many are defecting to Nationalism. They believe minorities and immigrants are only anti-social and impoverished because of liberal policy, and if instructed in the values of conservatism, would flourish. They constituted the majority of the Never-Trump movement on the ground, though many supported him in the end for policy reasons, distaste for Neoliberal condescension, and the rise of Radicals.

Demographics: White over-representation, but would describe the majority of conservative minorities.

Growth Potential: Stagnant

Media Sample: Much of Fox News,  The Federalist Papers

Threat to White Interests: Moderate, most would support anti-Trump coup and seek to wrest dominance back from Nationalists. Support mass immigration.





The guy in the foreground of this masterpiece of graphic design unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Prominent Examples: I only include the Alt-Lite as a group because its most well-known members like Mike Cernovich are media-friendly and have garnered a following and attention, albeit for their own opportunistic reasons. Though this group claims to be nationalist, it is a nationalism not based on racial, or even national, identity, but various propositions like “Western values”. As being a proposition-nation got us into this mess in the first place, these people would almost certainly lapse into Principlists and Neoconservatives if given any form of power. They exist primarily as a generic brand of the Alt-Right that is more easily digested by the mainstream by design.

Hoi Polloi: Proud Boys, Oatkeepers, An-Caps, YouTube skeptics, some “Classical Liberals”, and other disparate groups of millennials that stand opposed to mainstream conservatism, but vehemently oppose the Alt-Right, fall into this category. They are frustrated by manifestations of extreme leftism such as SJWs and PC culture, but usually do not seek out the root causes, instead opting to make 30-minute video critiques or fighting them in the street. Most are tolerant of deviant lifestyles and varying levels of immigration except Islamic. The causes of this are ideological, but also often result from their own engagement in deviant lifestyles, or identity as a minority with conservative beliefs. A great number of them also overlap with the conspiracy-sphere. Their refusal to answer the Jewish Question is a main point of departure from the Alt-Right.

Demographics: White with some minorities and Jews.

Growth Potential: Stagnant, possibly declining since the Rally Against Political Violence.

Media Sample: Heat Street, Danger & Play, Sargon of Akkad (Skeptics), Rubin Report, most of Rebel Media

Threat to White Interests: High, as the Alt-Right is the only group actively pursuing White interests, Alt-Lite dilution and confusion of their messaging is a major threat. Varying support for immigration.




The rise of Civic Nationalism in the West represents the greatest shift in political landscape since the French Revolution.

Prominent Examples: Opponents of globalism fighting for sovereignty of their nations in Europe such as Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, undoubtedly inspired the rise of American nationalism. Trump began his run mostly in protest over personal grievances with the political system, but as he gained steam he brought Civic Nationalist Steve Bannon on to flesh out his policies. Despite his diminished influence in DC due to neocon meddling, Bannon represents what American conservatives want to see in government. Popular thinkers of this type are usually European, such as Mark Steyn, Paul Joseph Watson, etc. I’d put Ramzpaul in this category when he isn’t trying to lure kids into his van with blackpills.

Hoi Polloi: In America, white identity has been under threat longer than in most of Western Europe, thus American Nationalism has an implicit, if unconscious, racial motivation. This is about as far as right as boomers will allow themselves to go, and they make up a fair share of this group, as do Gen-X’ers and millennials. This label now defines the majority of White American conservatives. They believe in extremely limited immigration, protectionist trade policies, traditional social values, and usually want a small government with less regulation outside of trade. Many libertarians have adopted Nationalist immigration policies.

Resentment to the elite of Wall Street and DC is universal, with the prioritization of either dependent upon the Nationalist’s class and political background. Overwhelmingly working and middle class, with some sympathizers in the elite and chattering classes. Like the rest of conservatives, more and more military and vets have been defecting from the Principlists to become Nationalists. One of their main differences from the Alt-Lite is they rarely attack the Alt-Right, and usually only disavow strategically when pressed by the mainstream. This should be viewed as the main recruiting pool for Ethno-Nationalists.

Demographics: Over-representation of Whites, Males somewhat over=represented.

Growth Potential: Moderate

Media Sample: Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller, Breitbart, Lauren Southern, Info Wars (non-conspiracy)

Threat to White Interests: None, actively supporting, though not explicitly pursuing, White interests. Solid allies for the foreseeable future barring total Zionist co-opting.


maxresdefault (2)

While the Alt-Right is more a philosophy than a group, manifestations such as IE may represent the future of AR activism

Prominent Examples: This group’s origins are difficult to pin down, but a combination of Paleoconservative, race-realist journals, influence from the French New Right, and White Nationalist internet culture all coalesced into a movement of Ethno-Nationalism in America. Distinct from White Nationalism 1.0, the new brand of American Ethno-Nationalism has considerable reach with improved aesthetics, messaging, and effective spokesmen such as Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald, and Nathan Damigo. Several significant organizations exist within the movement. Adherents are for the most part willing to put aside economic and policy disputes for the sake of pursuing White interests. This is where a lot of the raw material of ideology used by other Nationalists is generated. The Jewish Question is almost universally accepted, with a few notable exceptions, whose statuses as White Nationalists are often questioned by more hard-line elements.

Hoi Polloi: Due to censorship it is difficult to tell just how big this movement is, but evidence points to it being surprisingly large. White Americans have been pushed a great deal by both Identitarians and Zionists for decades with little reprieve or chance to even complain, so the rise of the Alt-Right in popular culture has led to a renaissance of Ethno-Nationalism, with countless websites and writings being published, and even popular media and art being influenced. This group is dominated by Millennials and Gen-X, with some Boomer presence, and it seems to be catching on with Generation Z. Ethno-Nationalists skew middle class, with the anti-globalist working class leaning toward Nationalism or Radical Conservatism. Contrary to media-portrayal as anti-intellectual, Ethno-Nationalists tend to be well-educated and politically informed.

Demographics: Entirely White, overwhelmingly male.

Growth Potential: High

Media Sample: AltRight.com, Counter-Currents, Z Man Blog, Emily Youcis, American Renaissance, Occidental Dissent, Occidental Quarterly, Black Pigeon Speaks




TradYouth and its later iteration TWP, brought elements of the 4th Political Theory to America

Prominent Examples: Despite being a smaller aspect of the Nationalist movement, Radical Conservatives deserve mention for several reasons. Defiant of severe censorship efforts by the left, Radical Conservatives kept important ideas alive during Nationalism’s absence from the mainstream, and played a crucial role in their reintroduction and merging with paleconservatism. Groups like TradYouth, and websites like the Daily Stormer were pioneers of the Ethno-Nationalist movement, blazing a trail for the more prominent examples to follow, and developing effective tactics. This causes a lot of controversy as some new arrivals now wish to divorce Ethno-Nationalism of Radical Conservatism, and this can be seen as part of the reason behind the Alt-Lite schism. Dissenters argue the use of pre-WW II symbols linked to Fascist ideologies carry too much baggage, while Radical Conservatives argue that these symbols hold a timeless appeal to the White spirit. Whether younger generations share Boomers’ post-War baggage remains to be seen. This group also deserves attention because it is likely to grow significantly as multiculturalism and globalism worsen living conditions.

Hoi Polloi: As mentioned above, this is a small movement, largely due to the social stigma attached to their ideas despite the fact that very few advocate violence. This designation has more to do with specific political and social ideas that accompany its members’ White Nationalism, such as Radical-Traditionalism, National-Socialism and other schools of Fascism, Clericalism, and Ultra-Nationalism. Some members believe these political systems to be the only viable methods of securing White-continuity. Ideally, this group would be the vanguard of Ethno-Nationalism, pushing the boundaries of acceptable discourse, and participating in protests. This group’s age demographic is very hard to determine, but it is mostly working class, with some middle class adherents, including Whites who have experienced the worst aspects of diversity.

Demographics: Entirely White Male

Growth Potential: Moderate

Media Sample: Daily Stormer, TRS, Deconstructing Leftism, TWP,



Despite traditionally siding with the Left, Assange has noticed the political shift and stands opposed to Globalism

Despite commendable efforts by some to shape this group into a cogent ideology, this designation best refers to an extremely loose coalition of radicals refusing to ally with Neoliberals against “fascists”, Left-leaning Trump supporters, economic leftists with centrist social beliefs, and race-realist liberals. Since their ideologies are so disparate I won’t try to list the specifics here, but  anti-war and anti-Wall Street beliefs seem to be a common thread, and most disapprove of the Neoliberal Red Scare 2.0. Though some consider themselves fellow travelers with the Alt-Right, others believe they are the only alternative that can save the world from identity politics. The latter group wants to put a long escaped genie back in the bottle, while the former seem to just be resisting their inevitable “come to Jesus” moment with the Alt-Right. Still I personally won’t rule out the possibility that they could form some tractable movement down the line, and since most are honest and intelligent, they deserve some measure of patience.

Demographics: Mostly White, over-representation of males.

Growth Potential: Stagnant

Media Sample: Jacobin, The Intercept, WikiLeaks, Michael Tracey

Threat to White Interests: Difficult to foresee, probably little-to-none. The most tentative of allies, produce good journalism.


maxresdefault (4)

They really, really like the Matrix

Prominent Examples: This designation covers everything from reptilians and flat-earthers, to the more tame Illuminati and NWO enthusiasts. While the former is mostly a minority good for a laugh, the latter is much bigger, and overlaps with more powerful and even mainstream ideologies. Most notably, Info Wars traffics in many of these theories and sells products based on them. Still, Info Wars does produce some legitimate journalism, calling out elites and rampant degeneration of Western culture. The Left often tries to use this wearing of two hats to discredit anyone who works for, watches, or cites Info Wars, but most reasonably intelligent adults can discern the difference between the outlet’s distinct markets. This could be viewed as opportunistic, since the counter-culture has shifted right, or as a genuine shift in ideology. Most likely it is a combination of both, as the realities of globalism lend themselves well to some of the speculative fantasies sites like Info Wars traffic in.

Hoi Polloi: A lot of Americans subscribe to conspiracy theories, and some very intelligent people dabble. With the vast networks of power at work in geopolitics, and extremely depressing realities just below the surface, the world of conspiracy offers simple and comforting answers. Of course, no one should be too smug in writing them off, as truth can be stranger than fiction, and as a hobby it does not necessarily negatively effect political and social beliefs. A lot of Right-Leaning Boomers and Gen-X’ers inhabit this world, though it doesn’t seem to be catching on with Millennials, as I believe they are only watching Info Wars for Nationalist content.

Demographics: Diverse, male over-representation

Growth Potential: Maintaining probably

Media Sample: Info-Wars (non-nationalist)

Threat to White Interests: Low to Moderate, arguably serves to discredit adjacent Nationalist ideologies and siphon off followers.


A predominantly white underclass who have been rendered dependent upon the state through disability, chronic unemployment, and opioid dependence. Many of these people reside in rural, working class parts of the country like Appalachia and the South. Many are socially conservative, Nationalist, and even Libertarian, but remain fearful of Neocon and Principlist gutting of social welfare programs. If Trump caves too much to the conservative old-guard he could alienate this significant demographic. Disabled Veterans are somewhat safer from cuts, but the more sociopathic conservative politicians put their benefits on the table from time to time.


Please let me know any suggestions you have, anything I left out you feel should be included.




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