CNNBlackmail: The Democratization of Political Repression

The Left-wing establishment has successfully outsourced the repression of political opposition to their constituents and the press.


As humans I think we are equipped with the remarkable ability to trick ourselves into believing a situation isn’t as bad as it truly is. Perhaps this is an evolutionary trait that allowed us to plan and sort out options in a crisis without becoming overwhelmed and shutting down. In modern society however, this characteristic is working against us.

There’s no doubt that if the US government instituted European-style hatespeech laws overnight, there’d be a raucous, if not violent, backlash. Thanks to what’s been coined as “lateral censorship”, however, the stripping back of the First Amendment in America has been much more subtle and insidious than European state-censorship. The term refers to the inflicting of social, career, and even physical consequences for unpopular speech, usually enforced by private institutions, peers, and most effectively, the press. Now, we are faced with as repressive an environment as Europe, possibly even worse off for the plausible deniability lateral censorship affords American liberals.

Ideally the threat of these consequences leads to self-censorship on issues of race, immigration, and Jewish nepotism, but as the fallout from multiculturalism, mass-immigration, and media silence on these issues increases, so does White desperation. As this desperation grows, more and more of us are willing to speak out both anonymously and openly.

Speaking out creates a sense of relief from the oppressive, seemingly daily defeats, where even our few victories face constant interference. Without this outlet, without the ability to blow off steam, it’s hard to say what the future will hold for political discourse in America. Apparently devolving back into neocons wouldn’t be enough anymore, as they are now getting the bullet too.

Leaving an armed population with fast-fading job prospects, it’s kids dying on Mexican dope, and European cousins dying by the thousands, with no ability to air grievances is a dangerous proposition.

In this instance CNN has made the excuse that finding the identity of HanAssHoleSolo falls within the scope of legitimate journalism. I’ve yet to see their equivocations regarding the threat to reveal it if he ever retracts his apology. The frustrating irony of this can be seen in the recent protestations of journalists against the barrage of “threats” they receive from an indignant public, the main difference being that CNN has the ability to make good on their’s. What CNN seems to be saying to the public here is, Might, or in their case, Wealth and good lawyers, Make Right.

If CNN is able to get away with this offence with no repercussions from the rest of the press, society-at-large, or the legal system, it will be a clear indication that lateral censorship is at least as effective as traditional censorship. Thus, every conservative should behave as if living in a totalitarian Marxist state, lest the intended surreptitious aspect of lateral censorship succeed.

There’s a lot to be lost if one were outed as a “racist”, or even as a Trump supporter in some circles, but everyone has a breaking point where the risk becomes worth it. I think we’re well past that breaking point, despite a massive, clandestine effort to present a false picture of American freedom to it’s White subjects. In my opinion the next mile-marker is where people will be ready to lay down their lives, and CNN just put their foot on the gas.




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