Antifa Antibodies

The fringe left and right are now duking it out publicly. Anyone with even a slight political bent will notice their facebook feeds filling up with videos and pictures of antifa packs colliding with mostly alt-light, ancap libtardarian types. It’s tempting to divine this explosion of violence and exposure as a reincarnation of the street fights between the National Socialists and Communists of Weimar Germany, but Unlike the National Socialists or Communists of the Weimar, our modern street warriors do not represent any concrete ideology or organization.

The reactionary street-soldiers of today are driven by an indistinct repulsion to the world vision the antifa punks and their sponsors represent. They are like an antibody of the nation, they represent the death rattle of sanity, a last cry from tradition, identity, and reason.

Wave after wave of humiliation has crashed upon our heads. They twist science into PC superstition and stare us in the face while doing so, as if to remind us they are powerful enough to turn the truth on its head in plain sight. Invading our homes and family through media and education was a blow we took quietly, but when the antifa shocktroops descended on those brave enough to speak out, it obviously became too much for some.

I respect everyone who has stood up to antifa. I’ve seen legitimate criticisms of Based Stick Man and the like, but nonetheless it is empowering and physically relieving to see tangible resistance, even if it amounts to little more than hospital bills and short-lived viral photos. These scuffles may seem trivial now, but they will be looked over someday when future generations try to discern what this global populist/nationalist struggle meant in the course of the evolution of civilization.

For now I think it is good for morale. Its good to see such passionate resistance to the existential threat of neoliberals and their far-left puppets, it makes the fight less despairing.


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