After the Smoke Clears

Post-Election Thoughts

For a joyful moment I thought perhaps, after Trump’s victory, his supporters would be offered respite and vindication. Neither has happened, in the media or the rest of the country.

A few news outlets have offered up token sentiments along the lines of, “We got it wrong”. The New York Times even went so far as to admit their bias and the damage it caused to their reputation, though this is more likely the result their declining readership and profits than some moral revelation.

Around the bottom floors of their skyscraper office, throngs of protesters surged through the streets, burning effigies of the president elect alongside American flags. The irony that Trump and Giuliani’s hard work in the eighties made those streets safe enough for white hipsters to protest in, was certainly lost in the clamor.


It won’t be much different if Trump improves their quality of life. The left will blame him every time a black man is shot, and reblog every self-inflicted hate crime scrawled on dorm room doors by attention seeking transsexuals. The entirety of the left, especially millennials, would prefer serfdom under a plutocrat, as long as she is still nice to Muslims every time they blow something up.

I don’t think we expected unity or healing. If anyone knows our nation is long past that point, it’s White Nationalists, but I expected a concession of sorts. An acknowledgement that the left had tipped its hand, and left the silent-majority out in the cold in favor of their new demographic pets.

The left codified concepts like white-privilege into the political, corporate, and media establishment, hastening the decline of white power in order to clear a path for non-whites. All they asked for in return were votes.

Well it seems blacks and Hispanics did not hold up their end of the bargain well enough to squelch the white reaction, and now it’s quite clear that there was no plan B. Their rage-induced convulsions are proof-positive that liberals have zero desire to reorient their coalition to once again include working class whites.

They didn’t want us co-opted, they didn’t want us maligned, they didn’t even want us scared. They wanted us gone, and with Hillary in office they could have opened the floodgates and ensured our votes never amounted to anything more than a death rattle.

That’s not what happened, though, is it? Now Trump can stop the left’s plan dead in its tracks, and even reverse their half-century of demographic engineering. They’ve literally lost everything, and are going to throw tantrums big enough to break a lot of things, such as the media, Hollywood, and academia. If these institutions continue on as they have since the small hours of November 9th, their credibility will never recover in the eyes of normal whites.

Hopefully this means we get to rebuild them.



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