The Rootless

For a rational person, not censoring their own thoughts out of fear, it’s easy to understand that the native working class population of a country would be the first to suffer the disastrous consequences of immigration and free-trade. This line of logic would then lead one to understand why the wealthy would support immigration and free-trade. Not only do both provide greater profits through exploitation and low wages, they also make their opponents look like isolationist xenophobes.

For liberals, especially white ones, this new arrangement of enemies inspires a bit of ideological vertigo, since they’ve had race grafted onto every other aspect of their beliefs. When they see ordinary working class folks resisting diversity, it runs afoul of their economic narrative regarding the 1% and white privilege being inexorably linked. To dissect the rationale of ordinary folks resisting immigration and other liberal policies, would be to unravel the very fabric of their own beliefs. Thus, they simply tell themselves Brexiters are irrational old xenophobes, opposing the arrival of the “other” in their homogenous societies and spoiling their youthful, bourgeois, multiracial utopia.

For some reason, certain wealthy Europeans, and a lot of wealthy Jews, seem to think immigration, open borders, and global competition make for better societies, and a better world, though they never give concrete facts or statistics to prove these assertions. Instead they provide these policies as solutions to specific issues, like stagnating manufacturing or an aging population, or they’re trademark excuse: it’s an enriching influence. Questioning these factually unsupported social policies was so taboo that the American Republican party eventually fell in line with the liberal rank and file on immigration, and those few nationalistic dissenters opposing either free trade or immigration, were purged from the party. The only things that separate the two parties now are abortion, guns, and taxes; post-9/11, both parties are equally hawkish.

In America, outside of a Donald Trump presidency, the best we can hope for is being subjected to the economic experimentation of people like Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, and other ultra-wealthy, often Jewish, globalists via their political surrogates like Hilary. In 1965, the American Democrats enacted immigration reform in the hopes of building an undefeatable voting base. It’s on track to work, and the ultra-wealthy donor class realized this, jumped ship on the neocons after Bush, and backed the winning team. Now we have an elite, weaponizing other races against the white working and middle classes in west, not only in their own countries through immigration, but overseas as well via hyper-competitive workforces that don’t have inconveniences like labor rights.

Here’s a video of Mark Zuckerberg shilling for his outfit, begging for more H1-B visas for the poor engineers here illegally:

Not only is it highly implausible that Mark Zuckerberg came up with this idea after teaching a class of underprivilieged Somali Java-Coders, it’s insulting to any human of moderate intelligence to believe dozens of multi-national companies organized around this cause out of empathy for high-skilled undocumented workers. This is the great lie of capitalism, that the interests of the elite will somehow magically line up with interests of the people (sorry libertarians). So setting aside the fact that we are supposed to believe some of the wealthiest human beings on earth conceived their immigration policies out of empathy over cocktails, the most insulting aspect of this video is the speaker Zuckerberg has decided to invite.

Jose Antonio Vargas is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and illegal immigrant, responsible for gems such as this documentary examining White Privilege:


So in order to sell the country on a policy that would eliminate hundreds of thousands white Americans’ jobs, as well as change the demographics of the upper-middle and upper classes, he’s invited a speaker who video-taped going across the country telling white college students they have too much power. Of course Vargas wants whites to have less power, he can couch it in as many diatribes about fairness as he wants, but the main goal is loosen whites’ hold on power in this country, a country he wasn’t even born in. Zuckerberg is obviously Jewish, but even if he was white or even identified as white, he’s so wealthy he would be insulated from anything that could ever befall normal Americans.

These people are so detached from reality that they may even believe their own bullshit, especially the Silicon Jew autists like Zuckerberg. When he mentions, “not being able to tell half the class wasn’t American,” what in the holy fuck is he talking about? How could anyone not roughly gauge the origin of people they’re interacting with? Regardless of their inner-machinations, it is critical to realize people like Zuckerberg are actively trying to deconstruct native cultures in America and Europe in order to replace them with a multiracial, internationalist monoculture that can be more easily researched, predicted, and marketed to.

This isn’t some grand scheme, they don’t have the foresight to plan such a global society, it’s more likely the logical conclusion of their short-sighted profit seeking efforts. Importing foreign workforces throughout the west, and flooding the lower classes with a hostile, insular outgroup will utterly demoralize the native white populations and most likely relegate them to a service class.  The reason it’s so jarring to watch Muslims and Africans pour into our countries taking selfies with expensive Iphones, wearing expensive jackets and backpacks, is because it’s a brief glimpse into that possible future. A future living amongst a sea of hostile strangers, appropriating our technology, achievements, and even space while we breathe our last breaths.



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