The Final Dispossession

The Siege on White America’s Final Stronghold, The Middle Class

A lot of people view North Asian and Indian peoples as exceptionally compatible with white society, and in a strictly objective sense they are correct. They can often implement and adapt Western tech more efficiently than its inventors, their criminality is less than that of whites, and they embrace similar aesthetics [1]. These qualities have allowed them to succeed in fields like engineering and medicine, and take a sizable foothold in the American middle class. Though Asian and Indian immigrants have not yet presented an overwhelming threat to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Medicine) job market for middle class whites, the pressure of their growing presence can already be felt, as already 1 in 5 STEM workers in America are foreign born [2] .

This dawn of a new foreign cohort of the middle class is evidenced everywhere from college graduation statistics, to Silicon Valley’s push for an expansion of America’s H1-B visa program [3].

Despite being capped at only 85,000 visas issued per year, our H1-B visa system is already susceptible to abuse, as companies may file an unlimited amount of visa applications. As such, there are outsourcing companies entirely dedicated to getting their H1-B applicants through, and in turn these outsourcing companies hire their international workers out to larger corporations like Disney at wages significantly lower than those of American workers [4]. If the globalist shot callers in Silicon Valley, well represented by, get their way, an expanded H1-B program could pose a much more severe threat to the middle class than it does at present. Unfortunately it is safe to assume that the oligarch nerds will get their way in Washington as always, unless perhaps a protectionist like Trump wins in November [5].

In universities across America, STEM classes are becoming crowded with Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern students. Of the entire college student population in America international students account for about 4%, and in the 2013-2014 school year just under 900,000 foreign-born students were admitted to American colleges, which seems to indicate an upward trend that’s here to stay [6]. In engineering and mathematics, international students have already begun to overtake whites at the post-graduate level [7]. Here is a breakdown of those students by nationality:


Source: Project Atlas

As you can see, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian students make up the great majority of international students stateside.

The increase in Middle Eastern students is deserving of special attention because the sudden surge in their enrollment is in large part due to scholarships funded by their wealthy Gulf Nations of origin [8]. Unlike Europe and America, the Gulf State governments understand that their future generations will be in direct competition with the sons and daughters of the West for resources and power, so they send them to be educated in our superior STEM programs. Any sane society with a superior resource would not leave it open to exploitation by anyone but its closest allies, much less its natural competitors. The West, however, believes that stats conveying diversity will somehow magically make for a superior culture, thus we allow Muslim children to come and study in our homelands, while we send our children to die in theirs.

When American Nationalists, the HBD, and Alt-right crowd discuss immigration they usually worry the most over Hispanic, African, and Muslim immigration as these Big 3 represent a major drag on more advanced Western nations. Asian and Indian immigration, and its consequences, are usually secondary to these concerns, but many do not understand the gravity of the threat these demographics pose to white prosperity and ultimately, our existence. Furthermore many in the HBD crowd view Asians in particular as our racial allies; while this may be true in a geopolitical sense, in a domestic context Asians and Indians represent our middle class’s greatest competition.

Today whites only maintain their power as a demographic in most Western societies due to their necessity to the nuts and bolts of the system. For now white men make up the largest share of technical workers in the middle class [9], and most of the semi-skilled labor positions like plumbing, electrical work, and construction management in the lower economic strata [10]. For now, without whites the machine would utterly collapse. This is why it has been so important for neo-liberals to convert whites through guilt, over bullshit like “white privilege”, in order to prep them to swallow the pill of ethnic replacement. Imagine then the convenience of simply replacing white technical and skilled workers, who take so much energy to control, with a new imported middle class. Globalists would have a new pet class to run the infrastructure, as their loyalties have been bought from the outset, since they know Democrat policy facilitated their entry (and also lumped them in with every other minority deserving of special treatment) [11] [12].

Outside of the shiny, futuristic vision of a multicultural utopia held by Technocrats in Silicon Valley, the realities of Asian and Indian immigration are already quite ugly, and on track to get worse. Anyone whose read the news recently knows well the problems of sexual violence in India, and many white female travelers have come back with horror stories [13]. Similar to the barbaric sexual norms brought by Muslim students and workers, Indian men have their own brand of sexual frustration with white women, that can often turn into abuse. Many other offenses are less obviously egregious, like mistreating service staff, trying to cheat their way out of paying for things, losing their tempers at the slightest perception of unfair treatment, and not engaging in traditional American pleasantries and norms like greetings and not shitting in public places [14] [15]. In academia, students who barely speak English are ushered through the humanities by professors sympathetic to the institution’s multicultural aims [16]. In my experience the extra weight they represent is usually shouldered by their classmates, as many international students cannot contribute to class discussions or group projects, and they inherently expect white students to help carry them along. These small negative traits aggregate into a larger sense of Americans, especially whites, existing only to serve them. [17]

White Americans have already been squeezed out of the working and lower middle classes by the elite via free trade agreements and open border policies [18]. As Asian and Indian immigrants begin to replace whites in our final strongholds, it’s not hard to imagine an ugly foreign lordship developing over a dwindling white working class, relegated to service positions.

Fighting this future must become of central importance.


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  1. Charles Martel

    I dated a Taiwanese woman in San Jose several years ago who worked of the big computer technology firms and she was quite pushy and aggressive. She took me to a nice (read expensive) Chinese restaurant and told the server what she wanted me to have, whether it was on the menu or not. The plus side to her being she was much more sexually open than her Caucasian counterparts: she didn’t want any emotional attachments just physical, which was really fine with me. That was my first and last stab at interracial dating.

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